Thursday, May 15, 2008

The AWSP on Political Action

David Montague, a principal out of Kennewick, wrote a commentary for the Spring 2008 edition of The Principal News talking about the reasons that school administrators should be active in the political process. It’s a good read for teachers as well, and I’m thinking that I might try some of his ideas with candidates from my legislative district.

You can’t find the article on-line, regrettably, but Jerry Bender, director of governmental relations for the AWSP, keeps a blog here that "covers" legislative issues. (memo to Jerry: no posts since January? C'mon, man, there's action out there!)

Given the realities of today, I think that engagement is more important than ever. I'm glad that the professional organizations make Olympia accessible.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, we do have the article available in the publications section of the AWSP Web site ( The current issue, along with recent previous issues, are all available as downloadable PDFs.

And yes, Jerry needs to get to updating that blog! (He's a busy guy, though!)

Jocelyn McCabe/AWSP

2:50 PM  

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