Monday, March 20, 2006

Barak Obama talks education at Garfield High School

Per this article in the Seattle Times, Illinois Senator Barak Obama was at Garfield High School in Seattle yesterday talking about education. Mainly it sounds like it was a fund raiser for Maria Cantwell, but there's some good stuff in the article.

This quote from Obama I especially liked:

"That money's not going to make a dime's worth of difference if, when your child comes home from school, you don't turn off that television," he said, to applause.

And, in the "He just doesn't get it" department:

And while some were appreciative of the gesture, others dismissed it as too little, too late. Eddie Snead, a social-studies teacher at Cleveland High School, said he invited Cantwell to speak to students last year, but his call to her office went unreturned.

"All of a sudden, election year, she's here," he said.

Notice the singular word "call." If he truly made only one call to a US Senators office and expected a response, he's nuts.


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